22 February 2014

A little relaxation

I have started another little in between alteration.
It is nice to be working on a project, but if you need a no pressure time filler to just go to when you have a bit of time to play but not enough time to work the main project.

                This is mine.


 My sister gave me a Dream catcher, but it was green. I wasn't too sure about the colour, so I decided to change it. A little bit of Staz-On and the transformation begins. Once the suede is dry I will re colour all of the feather tips.The finished alteration will be done for our next crafty gathering.

A part of me wants to change it totally but another part of me says not to..... Lets see next week.


19 February 2014


Before I go onto my desk can I just take a moment to say "SORRY" to the ladies who left comments on my last WOYWW post. Things changed for me almost overnight and I was unable to reply so please forgive me, it is not what I would normally do.
I am really happy to be re joining WOYWW 246 I think it has to be the best ever idea to share your crafting journey, and thank you to  Julia Dunnit at Stamping ground for creating such a happy creative place for us all to play.

Now to my desk..

My desk today has quite a lot of cross over goodies. I have been busy for the past week or so altering things. My new project is going to be using some of what I have already used but with a few additions, wax distressing and grunge paper being 2 of the additions.
My son is 30 in March and I want to make him a keepsake boxed album. It will be all hand made even the vintage pen nibs will be hand made. I am so looking forward to this project.
My 3 previous posts show what I have been up to this last week . no links but  feel free to look.

After almost no crafting over the last year to throwing myself into it full on. I  must say I am loving every moment of it.
I know this is only a short post but I am sure you will all understand, as you like me, will have many desks to visit. The next few hours are going to be so much fun for me looking at all of your lovely desks. I am going to do my best to visit you all............

16 February 2014

Sewing Tin

One finished sewing tin. 
 I embossed a sheet of sticky back metal, In error I did it the wrong way round and ended up with a de-bossed sheet.
Rather than starting again I used the sticky side.
          Covering it with Artist Spackle, and scraping it off, leaving a very small amount on.
Once dry I turned it over and covered the back filling any de-bossed parts. From previous experience this is a must.  It prevents the embossed image getting pressed back to being flat through general handling.
I then covered the tin with the A/Spackle, levelling the top because it had the Quic kuts logo embossed onto it making it uneven.
I left the sides, back and front very uneven, giving a rough texture. When it was dry I painted all four sides black. Once the paint dried I roughly painted over them using an Adirondack silver dauber. This highlighting the texture.

Although I ended up using the sticky side of the metal, the A/Spackle gave a matt surface to paint onto.
Using a black Adirondack dauber I roughly painted the surface, wiping away the excess before it had time to dry. This gives the old weathered look. Allowing everything to dry is what took the most time. I glued the metal cover onto the tin, again having to let it dry before adding the grosgrain ribbon around the cover to stop any sharp bits catching fingers later. I rubbed over the ribbon with the silver dauber, again to high light the texture. I attached some cogs, in keeping with the embossed image.

And Hey Presto

My new old tin.

I am entering this into the  

       Artful Times Blog Challenge 

Altered alarm clock

I thought I would make a start on my long list of to do projects.
So this is one ticked off my list.

I used foil car repair tape, I put it through the Big Shot in an embossing folder. ( Not sure of the name but it is the metal effect folder from The Tim Holtz alterations range.) I used Ranger Silver Mixatives to tone down the foil. Then lightly brushed over the foil with Staz-on.
I cut various cog dies to imitate the clock workings in both black and silver.
Thankfully the clock face fit perfectly in the Creative Expressions time embossing folder so I turned the original one over and embossed it. Using a mix of Distress ink (black) and silver Mixative I coloured the face. Adding the cogs to decorate it.
Putting it all back together proved to be the hard part as my once working clock is no more. It may take me a little longer to find out what I have done to stop it working.
Saying that for now I don't mind it just for decoration. If I set the hands at 9.00 it will never be too early or to late to craft...  A win win for me.....

15 February 2014

Sewing tin started

I have just started my sewing tin. I have a glut of old tins, not really knowing for what or why I have hoarded them. So while I am in craft mode I thought I would see where this one took me. It was my old Quic kutz rocker block tin. Not any more, It is now going to be the storage tin for my craft needles and threads.
I will post the finished tin in day or two, but for now you can get the idea of what it will be like.

I will add my work list when I finish the tin.

Hello blog




 I have been through a very tough time the past few years. I doubted I would be able to find the inspiration to blog again, but here I am back on the road to a better place, I have missed crafting so much but couldn't focus on it.
So no more excuses I need to craft as my way of expressing my inner self again. I know it will be like starting all over again, but in time I know it will be back on track.
I have still been following The Craft Stamper mag each month, and was so taken with one of the alteration projects. I have done one myself.
As much as we crafters like to share ideas I do try not to copy. This time I had to use some of the ideas but tried to make it my own rather than a copy. I hope you like it as much as I do.