30 January 2013

WOYWW 191 Still playing with ink.

After reading many blog's i realise i have not been giving, 
 Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground WOYWW  a mention...Sorry Julia.
 Follow the link and join in the fun.

 I once said this is like opening the front cover of the biggest and best book of ideas you will ever find.
Happy reading to all WOYWW'S

My desk, well very much of what i was doing last week. I had so much fun not really making anything yet playing with everything. I think just having a play is good for the mind. Without a plan just see where you end up

 I have added some of the things i have made. All started without anything in mind. one thing just lead to another.

 As for this week,
         well i have a nice play ground of toys..Let's see where i end up and what i end up with..

25 January 2013


I have been playing with backgrounds, and decided to make this card using one I stamped.

I would normally use more colours but this card didn't need colour.
I love this stamp set from Flourishes, and over the years have made quite a lot of different cards with it.
On other cards I have added cotton wool to the mug and added beads to make it look like whipped cream and chocolate, For a small set of stamps you can do lots with it.
The sentiment is:

 Coffee tastes better with a friend.

I am entering this on Less is More challenge 103 friends.
I think the challenges make blogging much more fun. They open a front cover to the biggest book of ideas you will ever see. It is nice to be able to be a part of that..

Spooky Chic

My crafty friend and i have small tasks each week. This task was to create a head for Jacks girls.

My mind ticked over for a while. In the thought proses i decided she had to be on the same theme as Jack, but much prettier.
I do think she has turned out much as i had wanted.
A comment on my  previous post said they are perfect for.. SPOOKY CHIC. A good category for them i think.
Another comment was to invite people to give them names, Feel free to do that, it could be fun.


      This is how her head started. This and a tub of artist Spackle.

I lengthened her neck by about a half inch and attached the skull. I made this from a tightly rolled up piece of tissue paper, covered in Spackle so that it would dry hard, with 2 nails. pointed outwards.one going into the skull and one into the tors. I used the Spackle to define the shape of a skull



After much deliberation i decided the skull was OK but just not all i wanted for her.

I found an old tatty looking doll in one of our local charity shops,
I think she was all of 10p
Now to give her a face lift.
I cut the face from the tatty doll,and painted her a new face
I had trouble keeping her mask on, so i filled the mask with Spackle and pushed her skull into it.  After letting her dry out and set.
 I added a couple of extras,
a hat i made with card and ribbon,
a necklace made from chain,
an ear ring from a charm,
 to dress her up and hey presto .....
                            Jack and his girl can now be seen together...xx
After reading the challenge on Anything but a card I thought she fitted into this challenge.
I am new (ish) to blog world and am loving it. The challenges make it much more fun.xx

Andy Skinner My crafting god

Ann and I are about to book an on line workshop with Andy Skinner. What a talented man.
Totally in love with his Steampunk Book of secrets. I saw work done by Voodoo Vixen and needed to learn more......
You really should check out his blog.         

http://andyskinnerorg.blogspot.co.uk/      His altered books/boxes are truly amazing.

23 January 2013

WOYWW 190 Playing with ink.

                                               This is what i will be playing with today.
Looking through some of my stamps i decided to play with backgrounds.I wanted to create some A4 sheets that can be cut and used later.I love some papers that are available but much prefer to make them as and when needed. The piece to the right was one i made in the small hours.
Due to the bad weather..Enough said. My friend was unable to come today so you will get to see her creation next time. Her side of my desk looks sad and empty

The beginning of a head.  Last week we set our task to make heads for Jack's girls well i hope you like mine. Ann's will follow next time.

I shaped a skull with a ball and artist Spackle.
Cut the face from an old tatty doll and painted it.
She sill looks like him just a bit prettier.

I will be putting a separate post on my blog so as not to take too long on this post.I know you will all be as busy as me blog hopping and posting comments. Hope you like her....xx

22 January 2013

Queenie Jeannie

3 deep in places. I could do with a hand.
Feel free to come and help Jeannie xxx

21 January 2013

You're Invited

I made this invite as an option for a friend who needs invites making.
I always seem to end up with what i call clean lines with my cards. Yet can make over the top,busy,and unusual things with other projects. I have tried to change my style of cards but always end up with the clean lines.
As the saying goes....If it isn't broken don't try to fix it.

My other project is finished, I will reveal that one on WOYWW on Wednesday.
Sadly due to the awful weather we are having my friend is unable to come here on Wednesday so her part of the project will be shown later unless of course we can get a photo to show in time..
I am so happy with it i can hardly contain myself.

16 January 2013


Today i have a more productive desk than last week. Still lots of mess but with a finished project.
Last week i mentioned the money boxes my friend and i would be decorating..


Well after much mess, and a fantastic afternoon. This is what is on my desk..........

......and this is what is on Ann's side of the desk

We used gesso to give a base for the paints.
Ann used all acrylic paints and a gold dadder, but i used acrylic paint and silver alcohol ink.
Ann punched a whale of a punch dragon then heat embossed with gold embossing powder.
I used a Martha Stewart bird punch & a Stampin up branch punch.
We then used very small alpha stamps to personalise the boxes.
The backs are fully sealed, lets see how long before we have to re decorate them.

Who would have thought 2 little money boxes would have brought so much fun to two adults...xx
                    I have set our project for next week, and i think it could lots of fun..

We have to make a head for his girls.


11 January 2013

Previous projects

Today i found a disc i thought was lost and would never be seen again. I stored many of the things i had made, some at home and some in workshops i held. I have put a few of the pictures together, I hope you like them......

The damask boxes are shop bought gift boxes that i recovered.
I used a Heidi Swapp damask stamp. Black Versa Magic ink. I repeatedly stamped the image on A3 paper, cut the paper to size and recovered the boxes.

The florals are PSX Botanical stamps. These i stamped with stazon ink. I coloured the images with chalks and a blending pen.
I then used Glossy accents to give a glazed affect.

The butterfly Is a blended chalk background.Then flourishes stamped around the edges.
The butterfly has been stamped twice. Once on the card and once on velum, cut round and fixed on top of the first image. The sentiment if i remember was an Elusive images stamp.

This file folder was one i made at home from a template i bought, I have it as a project file.
I like to keep a photo record of things i make, A small picture,snips of paper, colour names etc.
Nothing worse than needing to replicate and not remembering names. This works for me.