21 March 2014


After spending quite some time working on my new project. It all went wrong..
I was happily making my clock when I heard a crack..
Not a good sound..
The clock body is an old 78 record.
 I cut a 12" circle from a 12 " Kraft sheet of card, using  the EK success Curvy Cutter.
 The Roman Numerals have been cut on a Cameo Machine @ 111/2"
     The black numerals have been off set to give s shadowed look.
   The gold clock hands will be painted black
   A closer look at the distressed clock face.
The back was made to look like slate. I used  Artist Spackle to give that effect. I left it to dry over night. I then painted it with a black/white mix of acrylic paints.
Looking good I thought. Then came that sickening sound that said "what on earth have I gone and done".
This is the result of the cracking sound...
A full length break right down the middle of the LP.
All that is holding it together is the Kraft card on the front...
I now need to decide, repair or start again, Hmmmmm!
leave it with me and see what happens next..... Will post on next weeks Blog hop.

19 March 2014


Thank you for your kind words and visits to my blog over the last 2 posts I have made to WOYWW. It is always nice that people take time to look and comment on your works, so again Many Thanks.....
WOYWW is a fantastic playground for us grown ups to play and a huge thank you to Julia for allowing us all to join in her  play space. If you follow This Link you too can come and play....
                                                                    WOYWW 250

Firstly to my almost clear desk...
Yes that is my desk.  Not as you have seen it before I know but still lots of busy here. I started  so long ago sorting my stamps into groups, and mounting them onto A4 laminated sheets. Sadly the sentiments got left behind... (SOOOO Fiddly) It is that job that keeps pricking me. So taking the bull by the horns, I have been sorting, laminating, and mounting.  I have used smaller laminates for these.

Very much as last week I wanted to play a little (now alottle) with the dry brush technique.
Until I am able to take the on line workshop I am not 100% that I have got it right, but have been having fun trying.
I saw Andy Skinner's Steampunked heat tool some time ago and decided I wanted to alter my old broken one. I know mine isn't  anything like close to his standard but a good start made and will show the finished heat tool next time round. It can never be used again so I have used some plastic parts in altering it. I could have cried when it broke but I knew one day I would have a use for it..  As we do!

..  Keeping things short and sweet I am off now to snoop my way around all of your desks. I hope toy all have a good day looking too.

12 March 2014


I have had so many things going on at the same time one has run into another, so mainly mess mess and more mess for my desk this time.
I saw a technique on a blog here many months ago that pulled me in, and has seen me hovering on the outskirts wanting to try, but not feeling confident enough to have a go without the workshop. My dear friend and I never seem to be able to clear a date that we could both attend the workshop so I just kept putting it to one side.
On Sunday I was at a loss as to what to do with myself, so what a good time to try this technique. 

Firstly as this group is about our desk antics I should add the link to the biggest playground for us crafters to join in the fun. WOYWW  is hosted by Julia and is open to anyone to come and play.
So with a very red face I show the  mess I have still sitting on my desk..... I am going to be cleaning it away soon... maybe time for a little more playing first.
Lots of different paints, googly eyes, die cuts and glue.
Any ideas yet...
Well this is what I ended up decorating..


I am quite happy with this as my first try, but will have to play more.....
Time has run away with me again so now time to blog hop.. have a fab day xx