22 February 2014

A little relaxation

I have started another little in between alteration.
It is nice to be working on a project, but if you need a no pressure time filler to just go to when you have a bit of time to play but not enough time to work the main project.

                This is mine.


 My sister gave me a Dream catcher, but it was green. I wasn't too sure about the colour, so I decided to change it. A little bit of Staz-On and the transformation begins. Once the suede is dry I will re colour all of the feather tips.The finished alteration will be done for our next crafty gathering.

A part of me wants to change it totally but another part of me says not to..... Lets see next week.



  1. I made a dream catcher recently, and sometimes surprises are good!

  2. I love dream catchers but have never made one-just bought them.

    Chrissie x

  3. looks great..I tried to make one once and it was a disaster so admire this