23 January 2013

WOYWW 190 Playing with ink.

                                               This is what i will be playing with today.
Looking through some of my stamps i decided to play with backgrounds.I wanted to create some A4 sheets that can be cut and used later.I love some papers that are available but much prefer to make them as and when needed. The piece to the right was one i made in the small hours.
Due to the bad weather..Enough said. My friend was unable to come today so you will get to see her creation next time. Her side of my desk looks sad and empty

The beginning of a head.  Last week we set our task to make heads for Jack's girls well i hope you like mine. Ann's will follow next time.

I shaped a skull with a ball and artist Spackle.
Cut the face from an old tatty doll and painted it.
She sill looks like him just a bit prettier.

I will be putting a separate post on my blog so as not to take too long on this post.I know you will all be as busy as me blog hopping and posting comments. Hope you like her....xx


  1. Hi Nelle, that is a nice page you have made, great colour. I have that PaperArtsy stamp set top right and love it. You did a very good job putting the face onto that clay ball and she does suit Jack very well......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

  2. What a great stash of stamps, its great just to have play. Great desk. Francesca #72

  3. Wow what a lot of lovely stamps - no room to stamp them though!!!! ;-) Love the ghoulish couple - they are doing spook chic perfectly. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 42

  4. I'd like to coe to yours to play with all those lovely stamps. Happy woyww, jill #56

  5. It is great to make your own papers and a great idea to do them A4 gives you plenty to cut into. Love your other bits very out of my scope
    Ria #92

  6. Great collection of stamps and LOVE those figures, they're brilliant!!
    Happy WOYWW

  7. My son is very impressed with Jacks girl. Hugs Pam x

  8. fabulous stamp collection, and I love how Jacks girlfriend turned out Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73

  9. Wow my dearest friend such talent xxx

  10. Love all your stamps but Jack's girl is fabulous... a match made in heaven indeed!! Annette #18

  11. Those stamps are really desirable... you'd have to frisk me n the way out if I was your crafting buddy!
    Love those fab figures too.
    Jo x

  12. wow what a lot of stamps they look ace some wonderful ones I spy and would love to have I'm impressed you do your own backgrounds
    papers i dont have the imagination ,,and im still getting to grips with getting ink on my fingers !!! eek thanks for visiting and hope you have an awesome week Andrea#6

  13. What a lot of red rubber to choose from. I like making my own background papers too. I often find that those you can buy or print are too busy and overwhelm the images. Doing your own, you can also match your colours perfectly. Thank you for your visit today and have a good week. xx Maggie #20

  14. Love Jack and his girl! Sorry the weather was so bad that your friend couldn't come play with you :( waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  15. Lots of lovely toys to play with! Hope you have fun.

    Tracy #29

  16. I've got stamp envy. :-) What an awesome collection sitting on your desk. And I'm so glad Jack got a girlfriend. ;-) April #110

  17. WOW an awesome lot of stamps on your desk. Love that Jack has girls to hang with now! Thanks for sharing and have a great crafty week! Vickie #35

  18. Oh finding stamps, one of the jobs I hate..I keep them by company and get lost in the mix. Thanks for stopping by, your doll is adorable. will check out your post. Happy WOYWW and enjoy the week

  19. Oh Nelle, such cool sculpting! Hope your friend shows up soon! Happy Woyww!

    ♥ Sue Kment

  20. Hello Nelle,

    Thank you for joining my followers list. It's such a compliment - let me return it and thanks for your comment.

    I must say I like to make my own papers too, and as I'm a card-maker this is not too onerous. Your figures are such characters. I look forward to exploring your work some more.

    Ros. #3

  21. Great stamps.

    The magazine for the free owl stamps and papers is papercrafting essentials.

    Sharon #78

  22. Hi Nelle, please check back on previous comments.....have been unwell and now waiting for urgent MRI scan.....no gory dtails though!!!!! I love her. You have done some amazing work here and sculpting that head and attaching the face is a MASTER STROKE!!!!!. She looks divine. You really did set yourselves a challenge, but oh, how lonely that ball looks on the other side of the desk!!! Really great work, can't wait to see what the other will look like!
    Can you not now set US a chjallenge????? UGH I hear, what about invitations to name the glamorous girlfriends? Or will you be doing that, I do have a few suggestions and after all jack has hos name!!and yes, I now know you have too many stamps!LOL. But great work creating your own papers, I often cheat and stamp over or re colour ones I've bought! Does that count Nelle. Chat soon
    Carol xxxxxx

    1. Have not done that, but a huge No..Nothing creative is cheating it comes under altered art work. Working on a challenge idea. You are invited to join us..Will let you know the details soon. xx
      Big hugs xx
      Nelle xx

  23. Love the paper you have made and the sculpting head is brilliant will wait to see the other one - have a great week - Nicky 82

  24. Cool! I love your dolls. You are very talented.

  25. WOw, those dolls are amazing..they could be used by animators! YOur stamp desk is incredibly inspiring, the possible combinations for backgrounds are such fun.

  26. Hi Guys....Can i just say having been to Nelle's home a few times the stamps are just a tiny sample of what she has. what started out as a couple of bits her collection has grown along with her crafting talent & anyone that knows her & has never crafted always come away inspired & crafting.....yes me too not that i get time to do it, with work & grandchildren
    Keep it Up Nelle another great project xx