25 January 2013

Spooky Chic

My crafty friend and i have small tasks each week. This task was to create a head for Jacks girls.

My mind ticked over for a while. In the thought proses i decided she had to be on the same theme as Jack, but much prettier.
I do think she has turned out much as i had wanted.
A comment on my  previous post said they are perfect for.. SPOOKY CHIC. A good category for them i think.
Another comment was to invite people to give them names, Feel free to do that, it could be fun.


      This is how her head started. This and a tub of artist Spackle.

I lengthened her neck by about a half inch and attached the skull. I made this from a tightly rolled up piece of tissue paper, covered in Spackle so that it would dry hard, with 2 nails. pointed outwards.one going into the skull and one into the tors. I used the Spackle to define the shape of a skull



After much deliberation i decided the skull was OK but just not all i wanted for her.

I found an old tatty looking doll in one of our local charity shops,
I think she was all of 10p
Now to give her a face lift.
I cut the face from the tatty doll,and painted her a new face
I had trouble keeping her mask on, so i filled the mask with Spackle and pushed her skull into it.  After letting her dry out and set.
 I added a couple of extras,
a hat i made with card and ribbon,
a necklace made from chain,
an ear ring from a charm,
 to dress her up and hey presto .....
                            Jack and his girl can now be seen together...xx
After reading the challenge on Anything but a card I thought she fitted into this challenge.
I am new (ish) to blog world and am loving it. The challenges make it much more fun.xx


  1. Hi Nelle, the challenges do make it more fun and once you have entered (and no doubt won) a few you will wonder why you did not do it sooner! Well the obvious name, I guess, would be Jill but I quite like Dolly too considering her origins.....hope you get lots of name to choose from. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Nelle, ooooo she looks so spooky!! Reminds me of chuckie - which I don't really want reminding of lol! A very original way to use a dolls face tho! I hope you're enjoying blogland! Claire x

  3. Wow nelle superb !!!! Thanks for sharing all the details on how you achieved this. You do set yourself some really daaunting challenges and this has been one of them. Don't they look grand together!
    well done
    Hugs Carol xxxx

  4. So cool, I love nightmare before xmas.A fantastic and fresh take on the challenge, thanks for joining us at Anything but a card

  5. I really love this! Welcome to the challenge world...I agree, it helps me get my mojo going when I feel stuck! :) Thanks for joining us at Anything But a Card!!! :) :) :)

  6. What an interesting piece you have created. So glad you joined us at Anything But A Card this time.

  7. Absolutely adorable! I especially love the hat and what you did to the neck. Great work.