12 March 2014


I have had so many things going on at the same time one has run into another, so mainly mess mess and more mess for my desk this time.
I saw a technique on a blog here many months ago that pulled me in, and has seen me hovering on the outskirts wanting to try, but not feeling confident enough to have a go without the workshop. My dear friend and I never seem to be able to clear a date that we could both attend the workshop so I just kept putting it to one side.
On Sunday I was at a loss as to what to do with myself, so what a good time to try this technique. 

Firstly as this group is about our desk antics I should add the link to the biggest playground for us crafters to join in the fun. WOYWW  is hosted by Julia and is open to anyone to come and play.
So with a very red face I show the  mess I have still sitting on my desk..... I am going to be cleaning it away soon... maybe time for a little more playing first.
Lots of different paints, googly eyes, die cuts and glue.
Any ideas yet...
Well this is what I ended up decorating..


I am quite happy with this as my first try, but will have to play more.....
Time has run away with me again so now time to blog hop.. have a fab day xx


  1. I don't think my first try would be half so good!

  2. That definitely doesn't look like a first try. So cute! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #12

  3. This is very lovely Happy WOYWW hugs
    peggy xx #1

  4. Loving it, great effort. Happy crafting, Angela # 59

  5. It was well worth making that lovely mess to get such great results! The heart is fabulous!

  6. What a great first try... can't wait to see what else you do.
    Sandra @8

  7. What a glorious mess... Great end product too.

  8. I love a messy desk, always means a creative person lives here. Scrolled down for a snoop and your sewing tin is beautiful, very clever idea. I've had a sheet of that sticky back metal in my stash for ages, must get it out and play.
    Thanks for visiting yesterday, much appreciated. Glad you like my altered heat gun, it was all covered with inks when I did it but the ink wore of the handle with use.
    Ann B

  9. Ooh no shame there, just the result of a good session adm hey, look..you made a great job of your technique trial, you must be pleased!

  10. fabulous, especially if it was your first attempt!

    Is is a Mr Skinner workshop? Looks like some of the fabulous pieces he makes,
    thanks for visiting my desk already

  11. Sorry I'm late visiting. It's been a busy life-gets-in-the-way type of week. I fell in love with that heart. It is stunning. For a first attempt, I would say you should get an A+++.

    Happy very belated WOYWW from #7.