21 March 2014


After spending quite some time working on my new project. It all went wrong..
I was happily making my clock when I heard a crack..
Not a good sound..
The clock body is an old 78 record.
 I cut a 12" circle from a 12 " Kraft sheet of card, using  the EK success Curvy Cutter.
 The Roman Numerals have been cut on a Cameo Machine @ 111/2"
     The black numerals have been off set to give s shadowed look.
   The gold clock hands will be painted black
   A closer look at the distressed clock face.
The back was made to look like slate. I used  Artist Spackle to give that effect. I left it to dry over night. I then painted it with a black/white mix of acrylic paints.
Looking good I thought. Then came that sickening sound that said "what on earth have I gone and done".
This is the result of the cracking sound...
A full length break right down the middle of the LP.
All that is holding it together is the Kraft card on the front...
I now need to decide, repair or start again, Hmmmmm!
leave it with me and see what happens next..... Will post on next weeks Blog hop.


  1. just strengthen it with strong glue like no more nails! and then collage it on the back perhaps as it looks fabulous on the front

    1. Thanks Lorraine, My sister is picking some up today. I know I will find other things it will be used for after seeing what you have done with it. Thanks again,
      Nelle xx

  2. This is a great project so I hope you work out a way to save it.

  3. Hope it works ok for you as it is well worth the effort

    Love Chrissie x

  4. You really should repair it, it is far too beautiful not to be seen. Hope the strong glue does the trick! Hugs, Anne x

  5. 10/10 for Lorraine. Thank you so much. It worked, a bonus for me that I was able to save the slate look on the back. I was on the brink of giving up and starting again. I am so happy that it worked.
    Thank you. xx
    Nelle xx

  6. Yes, I was about to say the same as Lorriane-strengthen with glue (2 part expoxy or a latex one) then collage over.
    Glad it worked....looks fab