5 January 2013

Pine in a previous life

This was a pine stand that i altered with paint, alcohol ink and foam board.
I made the steps from the foam board, giving it the grunge edging. I painted the lids of (hotel breakfast) jam pots,A huge thank you to my friend who collects them for me.
I had various small pots and boxes that seemed to fit perfectly.
I gave this to a friend as a gift and she loved it.
I keep looking out for old stands,frames and unusual things that i can change/decorate.


  1. Wow Nelle, you really do enjoy altering things! I love the GC and Cuttlebug alterations in your previous post, now that's what I call bling! Your stand in this post is beautiful, what a lovely gift to give to your friend, I am not surprised she loved it. Hugs, Anne x