7 January 2013

Encaustic wax painting

This was my very first attempt at wax painting. I have made many random designs with wax in the past but i wanted to create a landscape. I know i have a long way to go but i don't think it's too bad.


  1. Not too bad!! It is a brilliant effort for a first attempt. It truly does look like a gorgeous landscape Nelle. I love how you even got some shading in and the sky is amazing - well done to you. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Nelle...........I have to say that this looks amazing !!! I love the texture and depth you have created. I have never tried this technique but have watched in wonder at craft fair demos.

    Love your shelves below and other altered items

    Crafty Hugs

    Annie x

  3. Would look lovely in my hallway Nelle.....about time we got together for a crafty session x

  4. This is fabulous. Have you tried making hollyhocks with the tip of the iron dipped in dark pink wax and flicked upwards? It's very effective.

    Looking forward to seeing more