9 January 2013

I love my pink SOCK MONKEY

I just had to show this  latest addition to my family pink....
My friend gave this to me as a gift yesterday, and i love it.
This is a sock monkey made by another crafter, I am trying to find her web site to link to my blog. She takes orders and can work wonders with a pair of socks...
Thank you Ann for my pressie I love it.

Bizzystitchin on Facebook. (colours & designs change depending on sock availability)


  1. Oh Nelle, I have seen a few sock monkeys recently and they are all gorgeous but I love this pink one with the cute little faces on it! Isn't amazing what you can do with a pair of socks? Love it. I responded to you be email on the beads, hope you can follow my ramblings..... Hugs, Anne x

  2. I Love this little sock monkey!!!!! Adorable!1 Ineed one
    Carol xx